EarthStraw Deep Blue

50 Foot Hand Well Pump System

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Brief Overview:  This rugged, 50 foot rapid deployment emergency backup hand well pump is no joke! It comes out of the box ready to go and can pump a full day of survival rations for a family of 5 minutes!

● No Assembly Required. Ready to Pump
● Fits Into Almost Any Well. Needs Only ⅝” Access Point
● Easy To Operate. Easy to Pump
● Can Be Hand-Held or Well-Mounted
● Innovative Side & Top Mount Brackets Available
● Single Hand or Two Hand Pumping
● Light and Portable...Weighs less than 7 lbs
● Self Priming
● No Need to Remove Existing Electric Pump
● Length Reduction Kit and Other Accessories Available
● Includes 4’ Filler Hose & 5L Collapsible Water Carrier
● Forever Shelf Life
● 2 Year Parts and Workmanship Warranty
● Made In USA

Product Details

The flexible coil design allows it to snake into almost any well, providing an infinite supply of free, naturally filtered water. We recommend that to take a few minutes to prepare your well in advance by pre-installing either the top or side mounted pump bracket. Mounting brackets are easy-to-install and will prepare your well for rapid pump deployment and easy removal to avoid theft or tampering. The bracket also secures the pump for easier one or two-handed pumping. Length adjustments kits are available for shortening the system in the field. In an emergency, Deep Blue™ may be partially inserted into shallow wells and “side stroked” horizontally. Deep Blue™ may be operated in freezing conditions. This system is extremely durable. The kit contains:

● Oversized Aluminum Billet Handle for Single or Two Handed Pumping. Silver anodized. Large Enough for Winter Mittens or Gloves

● Carbon Fiber Stroke Rod is Strong, Flexible and Precision-Made to Operate in Extreme Conditions and Produce a 20” Stroke

● Nickel Plated Brass Gland Has Adjustable Seal to Keep Water In and Grit Out.

● Solid Brass Foot-valve is Precision Machined From Pure Brass and Designed to Withstand Demanding Pumping Pressures (Up to 200 PSI)

● Viton O-Rings... The “Carbon Fiber of Flexible Polymers.” Viton is The Strongest, Most Wear-Resistant Material Available in an O-Ring.

● Stainless Steel and Brass Valve and Structural Components Inside, Creating and Innovative, Corrosion-Resistant Pumping Mechanism Like No Other.

● Crosslinked HDPE Pump Body. The Trademark Blue Pump Body of Deep Blue™ is Made From a Special Helical-Crosslinked Version of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Which Resists Wearing, Kinking, Ovaling, and Ballooning From Extremely High Pumping Pressures.

Stop searching. There isn't a lower cost, easier to install, more versatile, or better built rapid-deployment system on the planet!

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