Every EarthStraw system is a pump-in-a-coil, designed to sit in the well right next to the electric pump, and operate separately without interference. The chart below will provide the primary differences between the Code Red, and the Deep Blue pump systems.


Deep Blue Pump System
Code Red Pump System
Price Range
$449-$849 $449-$849
Pump Style
Flexible Pump-in-a-Coil Flexible Pump-in-a-Coil
Fits in Well Alongside Submersible
Yes Yes
Pump Body
5/8" Blue 7/8" Red
Longest System Available
150 Feet 150 Feet
Average H20 Delivery
1 GPM 1.5 GPM
Comes With
48" Filler Hose, Collapsible Water Carrier 24" Filler Hose
System Weight (for 100 ft. Sys.)
10 lbs. 22 lbs.
Assembled in Box
100% 95%
Field Length Adjustment
Shorten Only Shorten Only
Field Maintenance Kit Available
Yes Yes
Casing Mount Options
Top, Side or Open Casing Top or Open Casing
Shelf Life
30 Years 30 Years
Stroke Length
Up to 22" Up to 30"
Handle Type
Aluminum Single Handle Polymer T-Handle
Foot Valve
Machined Brass Injection Molded ABS
2 Year Parts and Workmanship (from DOP) 2 Year Parts and Workmanship (from DOP)
Country of Origin
Made in USA Made in USA