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Well Engineered

EarthStraw™ hand well pumps are engineered and produced by American workers right here in America's heartland. Everything about this fine pump line speaks to American ingenuity and craftsmanship. Every effort has been made to create a reliable product that you can count on when you need it. The shelf life of the IAPMO approved, food-grade materials used to manufacture these systems, are rated at more than 30 years. Extended testing in our facility indicates a life cycle which could comfortably provide a million strokes in clear, clean well water. The pumping pistons are equipped rings made from a high-grade material designed to reduce friction and wear. The valve mechanism is produced using the same CNC equipment required for other high-tolerance military contracts.

Whether you use your pump daily to water the garden, livestock, or as an emergency can rest assured...water will be there when you need it.

Note-Baluster Group, LLC reserves the right to enhance, change, modify or improve the engineering specifications and/or features of it's product without prior notification. Product shipped may vary slightly from product shown, until product images are updated on the site, consistent with modifications.


We designed and build extended life cycle testing equipment to provide accurate test data indicating specific performance results. After 1,000,000 measured pump cycles, under double the normal operating pressures, our test pumps are deconstructed and evaluated. There is typically no appreciable evidence of wear, and no measurable erosion in pumping performance.


If there is a problem with the materials or workmanship we will replace or repair (at our discretion) your pump for 2 years from the date of purchase. Simply call the toll free number above, or email us, and we will issue a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Mark the returned box with your RGA, return it to us as agreed, and we will send a replacement at our expense. We guarantee our Code Red EarthStraw pump system to lift water 150 feet. Deep Blue is warranted to lift water 200 feet from static water level. The pumping system has been tested under greater pressures, and we realize that EarthStraw pumps may be installed in even deeper wells under emergency conditions. That's OK. Your family comes first. However lifting water over the specified limits (and yes...we can tell) will void your warranty.

Return and Refund Policy

If for any reason you wish to return your unopened EarthStraw in original condition, we will happily refund your original purchase price, less 20% (for handling, inspection, repacking and restocking). Additionally you will be responsible to pay the costs for return shipping or any replacement parts damaged during the return trip. Call our toll free customer care line and request a returned goods authorization (RGA) number. We will issue a number and bill your credit card for 20% of the original price plus estimated returned freight costs. Mark your carton with the RGA number, and we will send a pick-up via UPS or FedEx. When the product is returned and inspected, we will contact you and initiate a refund of your original purchase price, to your credit card.

Cancellation Policy

Orders for standard kits may be cancelled via phone anytime unless they are packed and staged for shipping with labels and other box modifications...with no cancellation penalty. Custom items are made to order and may not be cancelled without a 30% restocking and disassembly fee.

Intellectual Property

Designs, trademarks, images and copyrights contained herein are to be considered the intellectual property of Baluster Group, LLC, and may not be used or copied, without the expressed written consent of Baluster Group, LLC. 

If you have questions just give us a call. We are reasonable folks!